More of less of me, Kimo Brand
Object & Set Design

As “more of less of me” [Mehr des weniger Ich], the first tiredness opens a between by loosening the strictures of the ego. I do not just see the Other; rather, I also am the Other, and “[t]he Other becomes I”, too. The between is a space of friendliness-as-indifference, where “no one and nothing dominates or commands”.
Byung-Chul Han, The Burnout Society, page 31. The design was developed as ENYO Design, in collaboration with Y. Mantzaris for Kimo Brand. Ash solid wood and black ash veneer were used for the mirrors. The photoshooting was taken place at Noucmas by Leonidas Michelopoulos.



Designed by Neda / Developed by ddasios