Neda x Digital Tribe brand
Installation, Furniture

‘We are the tribe of the fire. Not humans, neither animals, nor objects.
The remnants of the previous world, the last seekers of the holy fire.
We have walked for thousands years to find the fire and bring it back again.
Everything changed when we lost it, colors disappeared, our limps became stiff.
The fire inside us is still burning, leading us in the right direction.
When we find it.
Then everything will be reborn, none of us will struggle again.
We will not ruin the world with it. The fire will be given to everything.
Because fire is not a gift but a right. It will create independence and revolt against darkness.
We will meet our helpers in another world and continue together this turbulent journey.
On 1st of July. We will meet our brothers and sisters from THE DIGITAL TRIBE.’ excerpt from the showcase text.

‘Methexis of the Fire Tribe’ showcase presented a multimedia installation in the intermediate field of fashion, visual arts and furniture design. The installation included a set of collectible furniture pieces, graphic art in the form of projections as well as a series of also collectible scarves.

Materials: steel, glass, silk, ceramics

Concept, Text, Design: Niki Danai Chania,
Curation, Graphic Design: Niki Danai Chania and Marializa Kampi
[2021] []

Designed by Neda / Developed by ddasios