Memorylith, is a post-human replica- a living technofossil, created for the movie ‘StoneAge’. The following exchanges took place between me and Joshua via e-mails on the nature of Memorylith, the concept of terrestrial future and the possible direction of the scene.

Niki: ‘I imagine Memorylith as a living organism, a fictional, living part of a complex geological layer of technofossils. A hybrid of fragments of data, information and symbols, that comes to existence and perception of its own self. […]

This new ecosystem will stay on the planet after us, as an agglomeration of memory devices, RAMS, PCB’s and chemical compounds, that will outlast humanity and ironically will be the only physical keepers of our collective existence . […]

What if everything was connected? The parts of such a system would use memories in order to live,  form relationships with each other and communicate with the system. The life cycle will continue through the fragmented projections of our moments, the latter functioning as human glitches in the time continuum. These very glitches could be the raw material of a post human mythology.’

Joshua: ‘To continue, the advancing tech-empire is the mythology of today. It’s our magic, it’s our myth and it pretends like all mythes to be our reality. Perhaps it did succeed to occupy all our minds. However we know it we can never rebuild nature and nature will be always more advance then artefacts, she Mother Nature gives us everything and takes it also back at one point. All forms of tech indeed do want to become clouds, transparent or invisible. Why? Perhaps to escape space and time? To become a non object? But somehow tech need always a form a interface and object to access it right, so ultimately I believe we will incorporate tech in existing forms. In our our body ultimately, but why not in other universal forms like rocks.‘  pass: thestone

Materials: eco resin, PCBs and mechanical parts from discarded mobile phones, USBs, RAMs and Memory Cards 

Designed by Neda / Developed by ddasios