Krama Installation, KEIV
Sound Sculptures

KRAMA is a music festival, aiming to present an alternative outlook within the independent music scene, bringing together free improvisation with contemporary classical and experimental electronic music.

In the light of the current circumstances, Krama festival 2021 was held as Krama Installation consisting of two speakers-sculptures that would reproduce musical compositions. The sound installation included composers that would otherwise participate physically, musicians who were present last  year, as well as new names that we see as suitable for the particular endeavor. Their presentation took place in the form of an exhibition, within about 3 hours.

Krama installation visualizes the values and ideas of the festival. The sculpture is realized through a dyadic nature. The minimalist metal structure as a divine, totemic form is immobilized and frozen in time. Geometric and strict it reflects the stability and robustness found in a work based on rules and structures. On the contrary, its organic form is in constant movement, and seems to transform in time and space. Its need is to enter dynamically, and transfigure the archaic structure with intuition as its guide.

This hybrid being out of these two principles expressed its existence through speech and music in October of .2021 at the non profit gallery ‘KEIV’


Participating Artists: Costis Drigianakis, Savvas Metaxas, Ioannis Savaidis,Turboteeth, Panos Alexiadis, Lucia H. Chang, Kostadis, NatCase, Rooms in Negative, VenusVolcanism, Bill Anagnos, Manos Sakklas, James L. Malone, KOHMA, Ramdat, MAS, Jannis Anastasakis, Dimos Vrizas , Sister Overdrive, Elias Peter Brown

Materials: recycled Styrofoam, plaster, paper clay, wood clay, bioplastic, inox Speaker set: Full range 30w stereo pair Dimensions: 172 x 50 x 50cm

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